A Little Room for Hope


Total SNS viewers exceed 280 million, live-action version finally released‼

A week has passed since the disappearance of a girl in her 8th grade. The police are investigating the case with possibility of kidnapping.
Two people watching the news in a apartment room, the 14-year-old girl and the man with silver hair with a mask.
The girl has many bruises on her body and a bandage on her head. The man in the mask is the kidnapper. The relationship between the two is more than just kidnapper and victim.
The girl smiles contemptuously at her mother on the TV screen as she tearfully pleads for her daughter’s safety. She suggested to the man, “Let’s play a escaping game from the police and the toxic parents. If we can get away with it, let’s get married, but if not, let’s commit a double suicide”



Anna Yamada, Shuhei Uesugi




30 min x 10 episodes