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~Different perspectives of 5 pals who spent time in the same place at the same time~

In the lively setting of “NONKI,” a cafe bar, five friends who were once part-time workers during their student days continue to meet regularly. Despite being 25 years old, the atmosphere when they gather at the bar is as lively as it was in their youth.

Asumi is navigating the complexities of her romantic relationship. Naomi works at a supper club, Kazuma, a year younger, brings his unique energy, and Kosuke is flourishing as a sales representative at a venture advertising agency. However, Sanae drops a bombshell, matter-of-factly sharing that her boyfriend of eight years, whom she had been dating since high school, abruptly ended their relationship. Despite the confusion in their lives, the excitement among the five friends remains undiminished when they come together.

On the way home, Sanae found herself with Kosuke. Despite being put off by Kosuke’s flirty attitude, in their candid conversation, Sanae was surprised to confess that despite being in a relationship for eight years, she had never truly understood the depth of physical intimacy. In response, Kosuke proposes.  “Do you want to try it with me?”

Kosuke’s proposition catches Sanae off guard, especially after ending her long-term relationship at 25.



 Miyama Karen, Daiki Sato, Haruka Kudo     


Drama, Love, Romance


30 min × 10 episodes