At Least On Sunday Night




Three Japan Academy Award winners co-starring‼ 

Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Awards【Television Drama Category】Excellence Award

Old apartment complexes, rented houses in the suburbs, and cabs running empty through the city. There is nothing special to note about these ordinary scenes, which have been left behind by the times, have lost their liveliness, and are somewhat lonely. However, looking closely behind each window, there is life with various circumstances. A daughter working part-time to support her disabled mother; a woman who has been cut off from her family and continues to work as a cab driver in search of pleasure in her dull days; a granddaughter living in a rented house with her grandmother because of a bad relationship with her parents and continues to work at a factory with her grandma. The three, who live far apart and do not even know each other exists, have a fateful encounter through a radio program. The three women are confused by each other. Still, as they begin to connect, a “miracle” occurs… and the lives of the three people, who had been stuck in their aimless lives, quietly begin to move forward.

Yoshikazu Okada


Nana Seino, Yukino Kishii, Meru Nukui




60 min × 10 episodes