Every Precious Moment


In life’s intricate weave, a beautiful love story blossoms between a woman parting ways with shattered dreams and a man wandering within lost memories

Having faltered in her aspirations to become a pianist, Miri Kono sought solace far from the echoes of her unrealized dreams. Departing from her familial abode in Tokyo, she now resides alone in the embrace of Kobe. While tethered to the responsibilities of repaying a lingering scholarship from her days at the music school, Miri threads a modest existence as a piano instructor at a local academy. Music, an intimate companion, remains both a solace and a reminder of the aspirations she once harbored.

One fateful day, as she meanders home from music school, her senses encounter an unfamiliar sight—a mobile kitchen that beckons with unfamiliar allure. The proprietor, Sora Aoki, unveils a kindred spirit, a gentle soul with a warmth that transcends mere glances. Day by day, Miri finds herself drawn to Sora’s mobile haven, oblivious to the fact that he grapples with a memory disorder, clinging to the tranquility of today, blissfully ignorant of yesterday’s uncertainties. In the delicate rhythm of their lives, a tender yet pure love story unfolds, where the threads of their existence intertwine, crafting a narrative that transcends the confines of time and memory.

Original script by Taeko Asano

Taeko Asano


Mayu Hotta, Riku Hagiwara, Syunsuke Kazama


Drama, Love, Human,


60 min x 9 episodes