Full-Power Cleaners


Starring: HiHi Jets

Gocchin is an ordinary college junior with no special skills. One day, he reunites with his elementary school classmate, Hajime.
Hajime invites him, saying, “Why don’t we do something to clean up this town?” He works for a cleaning company and says he will be a “cleaner of justice” who will clean up the city’s ills.

Since elementary school, Hajime has had a stronger sense of justice than most people. He aspires to be a person who exterminates the evil that infests the world.

At the cleaning company, there are other three members:
Omame, adores Yankees and fantasizes about exterminating the bad guys.
Jiro, a nice guy who listens well to others but is extremely ineloquent in reality.
No.4, somewhat mysterious, who like movies with assassins.

Gocchin joined them, and the five formed a secret organization, the Cleaners.





30min x 10 episodes