© Iota Tatsunari , Aso Haro , Sakamoto Mano/GIGATOON Studio/ABC


A Positive Omnibus Story Series featuring three women dealing with sexual challenges

Fumie, alias “Sex-chan,” is an office worker in her twenties whose primary pursuit is embracing intimate connections. For her, personal relationship with others, regardless of gender or familiarity, is as vital as breathing or sipping water.

Fumie’s journey begins in high school, where she grapples with aphasia, a condition inhibiting verbal communication. Discovering that sex serves as a unique avenue for wordless connection, she not only copes with aphasia but also thrives. Building connections with those she feels at ease with and wishes to understand better becomes a fulfilling part of her daily life. However, as her peers transition into conventional milestones like marriage and parenthood, even her longtime friend with benefits takes the plunge into matrimony. Now, faced with the choice between “normal happiness” and her liberated lifestyle, Fumie ventures into the world of dating apps, encountering Takahashi, an individual with an aversion to sex.

The series unfolds with the introduction of additional characters like “Highly Educated-chan” and “Love Affairs-chan,” each grappling with their unique sexual challenges. Through their stories, the series explores the intricate dynamics of modern relationships and the myriad ways individuals seek fulfillment.

Haro Aso, Tatsunari Iota


Yuka Masuda, Yuzuki Akiyama, Sakurako Okubo


Love, Romance, Human


30 min × 8 episodes