I will rob your lover

A mysterious female detective with a 100% success rate solves love troubles with scumbag men through “robbing the target men” and saves troubled women.

“Office CAT, a mysterious detective agency known only to women troubled by tangled relationships between men and women. This agency advertises suspiciously, stating, ‘We will rob your lover, your friend’s boyfriend, and give them to you.’ They receive requests—’ I want to break up’ or ‘I want them to break up’—and solve love troubles.

Hinako Minami, the president of Office CAT, is a top-notch female detective with a 100% success rate. She skillfully manipulates everything from appearance to personality to make the targeted men fall in love with her, using any means necessary to tear apart relationships between men and women as a love troublebuster. Alongside her partner, Yosuke Asanuma, who is strong in law and the internet, they rescue women in need daily.
Behind the reasons for wanting to break up lie various human dramas—domestic violence, infidelity, emotional abuse… Hinako resolves love troubles with scumbag men, bringing happiness to women seeking help. This is a new type of exhilarating entertainment drama.

Emi Nagashima


Reina Takeda, Keisuke Watanabe, Miho Watanabe


Drama, Love, Comedy


30 min x 10 episodes