Miss Target


A female marriage scammer, who has manipulated various men, embarks on serious matchmaking in this entertaining love story!

Sumire Asakura is a marriage scammer who has manipulated numerous men with her beauty and skilled techniques. Targeting men who make a fortune through nefarious deeds and escaping investigation due to their shady dealings, she operates as the ‘Miss Target,’ never missing her prey. She is a dark heroine who lurks in the shadows.

But suddenly, she declares that she has stopped marriage scams and is starting sincere marriage hunting! Armed with her skills, she confidently enters the marriage market to meet wealthy men. With her ingrained values as a scammer, where the standard for men is unequivocally ‘money,’ who will be the destined partner she finds through sincere marriage hunting?
Sumire, who blossomed as a scammer at a young age, has zero experience in ordinary romance.  She struggles as she confronts the differences between calculated pseudo-romance and genuine love.

Yosuke Masaike


Marika Matsumoto, Syuhei Uesugi, Airi Suzuki


Drama, Love, Comedy


60 min x 9 episodes