Sosuke Jinnai, a Yakuza, has been in prison for killing the boss of a rival clan. After doing time, he would get an executive position and a 50 million yen reward. Being treated like a hero in prison, he looks to the future with hope.
But suddenly, his clan excommunicated Sosuke. Furthermore, his wife asked for a divorce.

14 years later…
Sosuke is released on parole. Only his mother was waiting for him. His clan has already dissolved, and there is no place to accept him. He hasn’t seen his two children and his ex-wife since the divorce.
Sosuke has become too accustomed to prison life, so he now finds difficulty adjusting to the outside society. He started by learning how to use a smartphone and has become familiar with social media.
Then he met up again with his ex-henchman HIRO, a popular YouTuber now. This reunion will gradually change Sosuke’s new life.





30 min x 10 episodes