Re: Follower


Starring: Shun NISHIME, Akihisa SHIONO, Masanari WADA, Ryuji SATO


Exaggerating your daily life so it seems impressive and amazing on SNS. The hidden account became popular among those who are tired of the SNS world. The hidden account is where you will use a fake name and post what you really feel and your real likes, which you cannot say on your regular account with your real name.

―That is another you. What is your real self can be…?

Four guys hanging out at the library. It seems like they are just another slacker. But in fact, they are the member of “Kureshida,” an SNS influencer that’s gone viral. “If you send your problems to Kureshida, the chosen ones will be given ‘a word’ and solve the problem.” With rumor like this, “Kureshida” became a huge influencer with overwhelming followers. But nobody knows who “Kureshida” is.

Each of the “Kureshida” members uses their talent to solve the followers’ problems with the hidden account. But after solving the problem, the happiness of the followers is up to them. Some of them receive severe punishment and denied their social existence.

A rascal reporter GOSHIMA has been pursuing “Kureshida” to reveal who they are. He suspects “Kureshida” is related to “the Kureshida case,” a murder case in which an elementary school student was killed 11 years ago.

What is the purpose of “Kureshida” and who they really are? The mystery will be revealed little by little.






30 min x 10 episodes