Rent A Girlfriend


A new romantic comedy based on the comic “Rental Girlfriend”, over 10 million circulations worldwide!!

There is real love that starts from a rental! Kazuya, a totally unpopular university student, but has a straightforward kindness, after being dumped by his first girlfriend, Mami, he turns to a ‘rental girlfriend’ to fill the hole in his heart. Chizuru, on the other hand, one of the rental girlfriend, is extremely beautiful, and witty and considerate. They meet through a rental girlfriend system.
Kazuya’s unpopular life begins to change drastically, and for some reason he begins to be popular gradually. Never being popular with girls, he screams with joy. However, Kazuya realizes that his true feelings are for Chizuru. Chizuru’s feelings also waver, but the distance between the two, bound by contract, does not seem to be shorten…

Reiji Miyajima (宮島礼吏)


Ryusei Onishi(大西流星), Hiyori Sakurada(桜田ひより)




30min x 10 episodes