As the Tokyo Olympic Games neared, demand for LCC was showing promise for expansion.

Peach Aviation (Peach) is no exception, and young pilots are also increasingly being sought after. Momoko Inoue (26) is flying day and night as Peach’s co-pilot.

Although still a novice, her goal was to one day fly a plane as a captain. As always, she is sent off by her mother, who she lives with, and Momoko heads to Kansai International Airport.


The LCC workplace is rough.

Due to cost cuts, the number of staff members has been kept to a minimum, and even cabin crews assist the ground operations.

Also, because the LCC fare is about that of a high-speed bus, the customer base of people who didn’t fly until recently has been increasing.

Some customers have a poor understanding of LCC, and some customers complain about the service.

Today as well, group guests began to complain to the flight attendants just before departure.

They seem to be unhappy that they were seated apart from each other despite applying as a group.

The flight attendants explain that there is a possibility that the seats may be separated if they don’t pay for designated seats, but the passengers not only do not listen but also begin to shout “Call the pilot!”

Flight attendant Akari Asano (23) calls for help from the cockpit.

Captain Kohei Kimura (48) asks the flight attendants to try to settle them down, but Momoko, who was on board as a co-pilot, jumps out to the cabin from a sense of justice.

As they see a female pilot, the customers now begin to complain even more.

“You let a woman fly because you don’t have money!”


However, Momoko is a pilot who has also undergone formal training, and tells them that there is no problem with Peach’s flying.

The flight attendants follow in Momoko’s footsteps and begin to claim that they have pride in their work.

Then, the other passengers are impressed by their courage and begin to cheer for Momoko and the gang. The complaining passengers have no fight left in them, and slowly return to their seats.

As Momoko begins to return toward the cockpit, a male passengers calls on Momoko.

“For you to easily leave the cockpit like that – you are not qualified as a pilot.”


After the flight, Momoko and Akari are scolded by Captain Kimura and flight attendant Nanako Saito. They are at a Japanese izakaya where Daisuke is currently training. Akari complains to get over it, but Momoko is still stuck on what the male passenger told her.

The next day Yodogawa (60), the CEO, announces the introduction of new equipment and route expansion. Accordingly, it was decided that pilots would be supplied from the parent company.

One of the co-pilots who came along with several captains was Tetsuya Katsuki (30), the male passenger from that flight…





30 min x 10 episodes