Subscription Girls



A sensational love story about girls who can’t be someone’s special.

The main character, Tomo, for some reason, is only liked by men who have girlfriends. She is only asked out when it is convenient for the guys, but she can’t be their true love. She was tired of men who were indecisive and self-centered and also fed up with herself for not being able to break up with them once and for all. So she comes up with the idea of becoming a “Subscription Girlfriend” to get paid monthly. Tomo gathers girls in the same situation on SNS and starts a “Subscription girlfriend” business.

Just then, however, Tomo receives a confession of love from a local boy friend, Kosuke, who has a deep affection for her. Unable to be honest, Tomo asks Kosuke, “Let’s start dating but I’m a subscription girlfriend” and she proposes a contract with “Subscription Girlfriend”.

Chugaku Yamamoto


Ayaka Konno, Ayumu Mochizuki




30 min × 8 episodes