The 3Bs You Shouldn’t Date


“You should never date the 3Bs”
This is common-sense for all the girls out there.
The 3B stands for a Beautician, a Bartender, and a Band member.
This is a love story between Haru, a girl who cannot trust men, and the 3Bs.

Haru works as a pet groomer. On the day she tried on the wedding dress, she finds out that her fiance is actually married with kids. Since then, she is scared of falling in love.
One day, a regular customer predicts that Hana will be getting a lot of guys’ attention for the next 3 months.
Right after, a young guy with a dog comes in. This is Shintaro, the beautician. They start to talk and become friends.
After work, she goes to a bar with her colleague. When they are checking out a boy band PV, a guy passes by and says “Are you my fan?” This is Yu, the lead singer of the band.
Later on, Haru’s colleague passes out and knocks out the glass. Then the bartender Yoshi comes out and he starts to talk to Haru.
Haru had to move out of her apartment and decided to live at her grandma’s. However, she finds out that her grandma is actually living with the 3Bs! She also tells Haru that she will be going on a trip overseas with her boyfriend. Now Haru starts a strange new life living with the 3Bs.
Is it a fate for Haru to fall in love with the 3Bs you should never date!?





30 min x 10 episodes