The Birthday Mystery




Is it a love story, a mystery, a human drama, or a social drama? The decision is yours.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sui Kurome is an almost stay-at-home housekeeper who lives with her manga artist father, Joji. Ten years had passed since she locked herself away in her room when Joji’s serialization of his work was discontinued. Joji pleads with his editor, Kumi, “I’ll do anything to make a living.” Kumi proposes a collaboration in which Kumon, a best-selling author, writes the original story, and Joji takes charge of the artwork. The genre is an intense and pure love story. Kumon offers one condition: Sui is the model for the main character.

Shinji Nojima


Marie Iitoyo, Takanori Jinnai, Junpei Mizobata


Love, Mystery, Human, Social drama


60 min × 9 episodes