The Crappy Man and The Trappy Women


(Original Title: Akari to Kuzu)

Starring: Yoshihiko HAKAMADA


Saturday morning.

A man wakes up at the office and next to him is the woman he is having an affair with. Laying next to him is a corpse of his wife with a knife on her stomach.

What happened last night? Who killed the wife? Him? Or his mistress?

As mysteries get solved one by one, a crazy revenge mission becomes apparent.

The wife is not actually dead, but she worked in tandem with the mistress to get back at the man. This was a crazy plot to reveal his true character. He completely fell into this trap, reveal his summons.

Being lied to and deceived, and betrayed… What will come of this messy situation for the man and women…?





10 min x 5 episodes or 50 min x 1 episode