The End Of The World With You


A poignant and tender BL story

A massive meteorite is hurtling towards Earth. With just ten days until the planet’s destruction, Masumi Nikka, a disillusioned salaryman, decides to spend his remaining time quietly at his alma mater’s university library. There, he unexpectedly encounters Ritsu Kusakabe, a man who deeply wounded him in the past. Despite vowing to never see Ritsu again after being betrayed and abandoned by him during their college days, Masumi finds himself more drawn to him.

As Masumi prepares to leave after rejecting Ritsu’s proposal to spend the last day on Earth together, Ritsu shows him a “potion for an easy death.” Ritsu then asks for Masumi’s help with “disposing of the bodies.”

Masumi and Ritsu navigate their tumultuous relationship from the sweet nights of their college days to the final day of Earth’s destruction, where the sun will never rise again. Will they, along with the world, meet a tragic end? This heart-wrenching and tender boys’ love story intertwines excitement and pain until the very end.

Maki Marukido


Toshiki Seto, Keisuke Nakata




30 minutes x 8 episodes