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The story is based on the new novel written by the Naoki-Prize winner, Shino Sakuragi.
Their destiny kept deep inside their minds not to come out, started crossing in the capital of ice, Hokkaido.
The inscribed “worry” and “solitary” made the sad good Samaritan to pull the trigger in that accident.
The protagonist, Mayu DAIMON is a woman who does not remember her mother’s face, and her father is the only person she has blood relationship in this world, but he is going to die soon.
Mayu has just started a new life as a detective at the Criminal Investigation Division which deals mainly with murder cases soon, and has to handle with two corpses of old men continuously. One corpse found frozen buried in the snow and the freezing sea. Soon with a detailed investigation she finds out a connection between the two cases which seemed to be completely different at first glance. It was just the breach to open a history of an incident which had origin back to the 1960s in Aomori Prefecture.
Growing more and more as a detective, Mayu has to unravel the mystery of a case which goes beyond time and space and which ends in Hokkaido with a result that no one expected.

Kenji Aoki


Ko Shibazaki, Ikki Sawamura


Thriller, Drama


109 mins x 1 episode