The Red Apple


In a world where sex is outlawed, is it a desireless utopia or a loveless dystopia?

The story takes place in Japan, where sexual activity has been illegal since the Sexual Activities Control Law was enacted 15 years ago.
The main character, Hikaru Inuda (Rio Komiya), is an honor student in his second year of high school at the 2038 Seiyo Academy. He spends his days studying online with his childhood friend Minase Yu (Kawazu Asuka), who competes with him for the top spot in his grade. On the other hand, she has a meek side as she is a big fan of Uchu Misora (Shinjo Yume), aka Uchu Chura, a nationally famous actress. Still, she is a serious person who has an aversion to sexual acts. He aims to get the same job as his father, Yo (Sohkoh Wada), who is also a senior officer of the Setori (Sexual Misconduct Control Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).
One day, Hikaru is invited by his classmates Shiba (Kosuke Suzuki) and Nana (Nana Oda) to go to “G-ants,” a suspicious members-only club in a hotel district that has become a ghost town. There, they find men and women engaging in sexual acts that should be forbidden by law. Moreover, he found a lewd and lascivious figure of Utura, a woman who claims to be a purist! Confused, a mysterious man spots Hikaru, Aohara (Motosuke Iida), who is also at the scene. Then, Utura picks up Hikaru’s dropped student ID card and transfers to Hikaru’s class.
Utsura seduces Hikaru in an art room alone with her, and his rational mind is taken away by the intense fascination of his art teacher and homeroom teacher, the beautiful Danda (Tomomi Morisaki), who sees them in the act. Stirred by urges he has never felt before and confused by the changes in his body, Hikaru, along with Mizuse and others, becomes involved in a “dark organization” that infests a society where sexual activity is forbidden.
Hikaru begins to wonder why sexual intercourse is wrong and to struggle between his rationality and his impulses. In a world where even love is forbidden, Mizuse’s feelings for Hikaru grow more robust, and Utura mysteriously approaches Hikaru. The story takes a shocking turn as Aobara’s dark and intriguing intentions become intertwined amid a society Setori monitors.

Koji Murata


Rio Komiya, Asuka Kawazu, Yume Shinjo




30 min × 10 episodes