The Sealer


A mysterious and original action drama depicting the fate of a man who fights only with a sheath.


Two men are fighting on a skyscraper. One has a sword, and the other has only a scabbard.
The one with the scabbard is Kakeru Osagami, the sealer.
At the end of the battle, he sheathed his opponent’s sword in his scabbard. Then the enemy turned to black ash and disappeared without a trace.

In this world, there exist demon swords. Those who have the sword will have their will taken over, lust for human blood, and keep on killing indiscriminately—the sealer searches for those blades that haunt people and seal them with his scabbard.

Who is the one holding the demon sword?
How does the demon sword come into the world?
Why did Kakeru become the sealer?
Every time he seals the sword, the mystery is gradually unraveled.





30min x 9 episodes