This Guy is The Biggest Mistake In My Life


A handsome genius CEO fell in love with me… but he was just a pervert!?

A girl, who works at a pharmaceutical company, just lost her loving dog whom she spent many years together. She was depressed and drunk at the bar, cursing all the drugs that did not work for her dog. A man sitting next to her started to talk to her. “Please drink some medicine to cure your dumbness and be quiet till the end of your day.”
She snaps by his hurtful words so she trips him and left the bar.
The next day, it turns out that the man she tripped is actually her company’s CEO.
He calls her to come to his office and she knew she was going to get fired.
However, he said something totally unexpected.
“Please make me your slave.”
“Please make me your dog. It was all my fault yesterday. I am truly sorry. I have never been treated the way you did in my entire life and I fell in love with you at that moment.”
Yui has no idea what he is saying, but his persistence irritates her terribly and she grabs his collar and curses him.
But this only made him fall for her even harder.
She realizes she is dealing with a nuisance.

The way he treats her soon became a big rumor at work.
Being disturbed her ordinary life, she gets frustrated and orders him not to come near her.
“You told me you are my slave and you will listen to anything I say. So I tell you to stay away from me. Promise me this!”
Surprisingly, he kept the promise and stayed away from her, but…





30 min x 10 episodes