“Voice Actor” became a popular occupation just as actors, comedians, doctors and school teachers. Recently, not only popular voice actors such as Koichi Yamadera (Lupin III, Dragon Ball series, Pocket Monsters series) and Masako NOZAWA (Dragon Ball series) are active not only in the voice business, their core business, but also in the music business such as releases of CDs and live performances, and gravure appearances. There even are “Idol voice actresses” today who are getting much support from young people.

It is said that voice actor/actress is the most popular profession that female junior high school students long to be in Japan. On the other hand, it is also said that getting job after graduation from voice acting vocational school is tough. Furthermore, it is said that 300,000-500,000 people are aiming to be voice actors/actresses in Japan, but it is a narrow gate as only 300 people are able to become voice actors/actresses. Despite this, young people still aim to be a voice actor/actress.

This story is a drama about girls who have passion for voice actoresses and struggle to be voice actresses.

This series is fully collaborated with the PreCure series celebrating the 15th anniversary in 2018! This drama shall make the industry feels more realistic with the real backstage of the “Precure” series and unknown real daily life of the voice actors/actresses.



Makoto SHINJO dreams to be a voice actor for the most popular animation PreCure series. While living in communal life with 4 classmates including Asami KURIYAMA who is quite the opposite personality from herself, she aims to become a top voice actor such as Haruka TOMATSU whom she gas longed for. However, what stands in front of her was the harsh reality of a rookie voice actor!

Juggling multiple jobs is piece of cake! The role to be given is classmate A or passerby B. In the workplace, what is required is not individuality but a normal performance, and her manager does not remember even her name, or no one seems to wish to hear her voice……! How can she improve from the situation …!?

Kota Fukihara, Shinya Hokimoto


Haruka Fukuhara




30 min x 10 episodes