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Chef-1 Grand-Prix



For the third consecutive year, brace yourselves for the epic culinary showdown sweeping across Japan, igniting a “Revolutionalize the Cuisine!

From the vast landscapes of all 47 prefectures, 461 exceptional young chefs will vie for the coveted title of No.1. Who will emerge as the shining stars of the next generation, capable of breathing new life into their communities through the power of their culinary pride? Let’s witness as they embark on a quest to shape the future of Japan’s culinary realm, competing fiercely for the apex of excellence. In 2023, the competition intensified with entries categorized into eight culinary genres. This strategic move levels the playing field, offering chefs from diverse backgrounds a fair and thrilling opportunity to ascend to greatness! Get ready for a culinary spectacle like no other, where passion, skill, and innovation converge in a gastronomic revolution!




Ryota Yamazato, Nao Matsushita


Cooking, Food, Entertainment, Game show,


15min - 2 hours × 2nd stage to Final (2023)