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Detective Knight Scoop

Ⓒ ABC Japan

The “legendary” show begins on the studio set of a detective bureau. There are three requests from three viewers each time, and three comedians playing detectives appear for each request. In each case, the appointed detective cooperates with the viewer’s proposal to solve a complex problem. Sometimes, unique clients appear, and the person encountered at the interview scene shows more personality than the detective to the viewer’s attention. The proposals range from full-scale investigations, such as looking for people, things, and places, to street research, field reports, and experiments.



Hitoshi Matsumoto, Saori Masuda, Yasushi Ishida, Kanpei Hazama, Hiroshi Tamura, Takanori Takeyama, Ken Maeda, Seiya, Yuriyan Retriever,


Factual Entertainment


54min X 26episodes +