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The Secret Gameshow




The Ultimate Monitoring Game Show!

In this show, a staff member working diligently at their office is given various missions with large sums of money at stake. The catch is that they must keep the secret that they are taking on a mission.

Numerous hidden cameras are installed in the target’s workplace, and what happens there can be learned in real time in the studio. However, it must be kept from other colleagues or supervisors in the field.

The game has three stages: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. As the levels progress, the prize money and difficulty level increase, and the risk of being caught increases. Each stage brings out suspicious behavior and puts the spectators on edge!

Will the target be able to complete the mission and win the prize without being discovered by anyone around them? Find out on the ultimate monitoring game, “The Secret Game Show”!



Wentz Eiji


Entertainment, Game show,


40 min × 1 episode