Golden Spoon: Mama is the Best!!!


Every mother brings up her children with a lot of love.

Little and innocent 4 – 6 year-old kids are the judges here.

Every child would say ”Mama’s dish is the best!”


Mothers know their beloved kids’ favorite taste.

They have been brought up with homemade dishes by their mother.

Kids must like their mother’s homemade dishes even better than the dishes made by the first class chefs or perfectly created retort puch with company’s effort!

Now, mother are going to challenge the top chefs to keep their pride as a mother and to win the Golden Spoon!


In the first round, mothers will challenge a company known for its high quality spices and retort pouch curry.

Made though the company’s great efforts and continuous research.


In the second round, mothers will challenge professional chefs.

One of the Japan’s top-ranked chefs will cook the ultimate curry for kids with his excellent skill!


After tasting both dishes made by their mother and the chef, which do the kids choose?



Genre: Reality Show, Cooking, Game Show