Is your house obese with too much stuff?
A simple living is a way to a happy life!

Clattered living room, a closet full of stuff that you can’t find what you are looking for…

Does this sound like you?

In this unique program, we will introduce you to effective methods to extract “fat” from the house. This is an infotainment variety show to propose a comfortable living for a happy life.

In recent years, “simple living” became a new trend, and there are bestseller books and TV programs which promote minimalism. To have a comfortable happy living, get rid of the unnecessary things and be on a “diet”.

In this program, the family with too many things in the house will gather all of their belongings outside the house and weighs. Then, with useful advice from the “House Diet Coach”, the family will select what they need to keep and what they need to get rid of in order to achieve a simple living. The coach will also demonstrate how to organize things so that even a small space can be used efficiently.



Variety/Reality show