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Masanobu SAWADA (38), a company employee, is silly, serious, clumsy and purely characterful, and works for “Oligo Science”, a company that provides scientific consignment services. SAWADA is married, and is loyal and loves his wife in his own pure way.
His wife suffered from psychological issues due to infertility, and had depression. She was barely able to commute from her home to the supermarket, and found it difficult just to take care of the housework. SAWADA was supporting his wife dedicatedly, but due to the stress of nursing her, he himself also had schizophrenia, and he was suffering from the illusion of others at work talking bad about him. There was a lot of stress in the workplace, and the surrounding employees who did not
know anything spoke negatively of the tired-looking SAWADA. SAWADA felt stuck between work and home, and his conditions gradually worsened.
There was a female worker named Minako, who like SAWADA and was a target of these rumors and bad-mouthing. Minako also had issues with her husband and was stuck between home and the workplace.

Although SAWADA was not conscious of this, he sometimes was mesmerized by her beauty. In addition, SAWADA had a dark past of being beaten by his father when he was little, and this memory would sometimes haunt him in the form of a PTSD flashback. Because of this, SAWADA
subconsciously had an inferiority complex. Meanwhile, KISHIMOTO, a male worker from an overseas company, joins his department as a colleague.
KISHIMOTO, unlike the quiet SAWADA, was able to get along with others right away, was very quick on his feet, and looked like a confident and masculine man. SAWADA gradually becomes close with KISHIMOTO, but the more he related with KISHIMOTO, he began to notice his bizarre and violent nature, and gradually becomes involved in a murder case.
However, while feeling a sense of fear, SAWADA is gradually fascinated by the charismatic nature of KISHIMOTO and his dangerous charm. KISHIMOTO frequently tells SAWADA to “become more true to your instinct”, and leads him to the path of evil.
Although SAWADA loved his wife, he was exhausted from taking care of her, wanted to set his heart free, and eventually becomes heavily involved in an affair with Minako. Like SAWADA, Minako was also having a difficult time at home, was disliked by her female coworkers and felt alone, and she felt like she could relate to and become close to SAWADA. But in order to protect herself in the company, Minako also speaks badly about SAWADA with her other female coworkers and tells everybody that she is being “pursued by SAWADA”. Because of that, Minako infuriates SAWADA.
KISHIMOTO tempts SAWADA to kill Minako and the other coworkers and retaliate. SAWADA, after hesitating, carries out the murder of Minako, dismantles the body and sends the body parts to the employees. SAWADA gradually opens up a crazy side that sleeps within herself. Right after this, KISHIMOTO sleeps with SAWADA’s beloved wife, and rapes her right in front of SAWADA. Going crazy from anger and sadness, SAWADA kills his wife on the spot and challenges KISHIMOTO directly.
However, in the end, he finds out that KISHIMOTO did not even exist in the first place. In order to overcome his inferiority complex, SAWADA had created a fictitious person called KISHIMOTO who was a representation of his inner desires and voices.
SAWADA, who finds out that everything that occurred is what he caused himself, deeply regrets this. Which all leads to his final decision…

Tomojiro Amano


Arata Yamanaka, Nobuhiko Kishimoto




108 min