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The Usual Night




Fake Reality Show! The people, organizations, and names appearing are real. However… this story is Fiction.

Since its establishment in 2003, LDH has made great strides in the entertainment world and has become a one-of-a-kind entity.
“The Usual Night” is where only boys who belong to LDH and aspire to the top of the entertainment industry. This new fake documentary thrillingly depicts the human drama of a group of rugged but beautiful boys with a mixture of truth and Fiction, set in this boys’ dormitory.

The people living together in a house are members of “FANTASTICS” from LDH. The home in Nakameguro has a spacious living and dining space, a stylish kitchen, a glass-walled bathroom, and a roof balcony. Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter, and women are forbidden. It is just a “setting” of a fictitious dormitory. However, this “setting” is critical to creating numerous stories as real people live there.

Although the story reflects their actual work and situation and is as realistic as possible, most of the events and relationships in the house are fictional. Even love between men is not a coincidence here but a necessity. We will aim to create a dramatic “fake documentary” that viewers cannot take their eyes off through a mixture of falsehoods and truths.



Fake Reality show


30 min x 9 episodes